Who is Miracle Tea?

It’s 2am in the morning. All of a sudden, I’ve had the urge to start this blog. We’ve been running Miracle Tea for almost 3 years and only now have I had the realisation that keeping a blog might be a productive and healthy thing to do. Better later than never I guess. If you already follow us on twitter you would have had a taste for our work. But this is the place where we’ll be baring all. All the gritty game dev tricks in what into making a Miracle Tea game. All for you. So welcome!

Anyway, hello! I’m Brad, I run Miracle Tea with my buddies Tom and Enrico. They’re lovely. These last few years have been a real trip for us. Here’s some of the highlights of what Miracle Tea have achieved to date:

◆ Won Tranzfuser back in 2016

◆ Launched our first game Ruya – Nov 2nd 2017

◆ Ruya featured in UK, US, China and Australia iOS App Stores

◆ Game of the Show – Game Anglia 2017

◆ 700 twitter followers

◆ Wonderful press coverage

◆ UK Games Fund Awards – They Delivered

◆ UK Games Fund – Round 5 Official Selection

We’re best known in the independent game scene around the UK as the creators of Ruya and have made some wonderful friends in those spaces along the way. Recently, we wrapped up our announce trailer for our new debut game Alula. Check it out…

These next few weeks are going to be intense for our team. We’re currently working up the mvp build in preparation for EGX in October next month. There’s a lot riding on that event for us. We’re competing for funding in Round 5 of the UK Games Fund. Not only does the build have to be solid, so does the way we communicate about it, how the stand looks, and all of our supporting pitch material.

We’ll be throwing up new posts as and when we can, we figured the announcement of Alula would be a good time to start a dialogue about its development. Hope you enjoy the ride!